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Awkward Conversations with Brett Maher

Photo: Julio Aguilar

Dan and the Danettes can only imagine what it must be like for Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher at practice now that they’ve brought in practice squad kicker Tristan Viscaino. After Maher missed four extra points in last weekend’s game, any conversation between the two must be incredibly awkward and the guys poke some fun at this unfortunate circumstance.

Dan Patrick: “How do you think Brett Maher feels after missing his extra points and then you go to practice and all of a sudden you go, ‘Uh...who else is kicking out there?’ “Oh, that’s somebody we brought in on the practice squad, Tristan Viscaino.’ How awkward must that be when two kickers get together? He’s brought in, and he’s the insurance policy. He gets to kick if you’re not any good!”