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Dan Patrick's daily radio show has exclusive insider access, Patrick brings A-list guests from the world of sports and entertainment to the show. Sharing his perspective on pop culture and sports, Patrick also brings a dose of humor to his fans.


Jim Boeheim: I Was 100% Ready to Retire

Photo: Bryan M. Bennett

Former longtime Syracuse Men’s Head Basketball Coach, Jim Boeheim joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. Dan asks him about the awkward news conference after his final game and Boeheim chalks it up to some miscommunication by both parties. There are no hard feelings between him and the university, and everybody is happy with how it worked out. They also discuss the changes in the game he has seen over his 61 years at Syracuse and the adjustments necessary to stay relevant all those years.

Dan Patrick: “It didn’t feel like you wanted to retire...”

Jim Boeheim: “...Trust me, I was 100% ready. It looked that way and I get that, but I was 100% ready. If I wasn’t I’d tell you, you know that [LAUGHTER]. I would tell you. I (was) 100% ready...and it wasn’t just the university’s fault, it was really both parties. And it’s all worked out, we’re all happy.”