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The Question Must Be Asked...Would Tom Brady Return for the Jets?

Photo: Carmen Mandato

The only news on anyone’s lips this morning is the likely season ending injury to New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers in only his fourth play with his new franchise. Questions about his ability to return to the field this year, or even the possibility of his retirement are being asked but the real question is: would the G.O.A.T. consider digging his cleats out of storage and un-retiring to play for the Jets this season? They do have a Super Bowl caliber roster which has to be appealing to Tom Brady, so it’s a legitimate question and it needs answering.

Dan Patrick: “Is there a chance, and you have to ask the question, would Tom Brady like to play for the Jets after a day before saying that he was a Patriot for life? But hey, you can be a Patriot for life, but can you be a Jet for, I don’t know, a few months now?”