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Why Don’t We Root for Kirk Cousins?

Photo: David Berding

The Minnesota Vikings are set to face the Eagles in Philadelphia tonight on Thursday Night Football and Dan, like most of us, has questions about Vikings QB Kirk Cousins’ ability to win a primetime road game. But the real question is: why don’t NFL fans root harder for Kirk Cousins? He is, by all accounts, a great guy, he’s certainly not a bad QB even if he’s no Patrick Mahomes, and he doesn’t say anything controversial. Dan is mystified by the lack of support for a guy who should be a feel-good story.

Dan Patrick: “I think what turned people against him, or turned people off with Kirk Cousins was when he got the first guaranteed, all guaranteed contract...but it’s weird because if you’ve heard him on the show or you saw him on the documentary on Netflix, he comes across as just a normal good guy driving a minivan, playing football, showing up in a plaid shirt, you know? That’s it! That’s who he is, pretty simple. He doesn’t say anything that’s really controversial...why don’t we root for him? Can we solve why we don’t root for Kirk D. Cousins?”