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The New York Giants Compounded Their Mistakes

Photo: Ian Maule

Dan Patrick: "The New York Giants compounded one mistake by making another mistake. When you resign Daniel Jones, you've gotta have Saquon Barkley. I would have paid a little more for Saquon Barkley just because I overpaid for Daniel Jones. So now, I've overpaid for Daniel Jones, I don't have a versatile running back who can be my Christian McCaffrey, so all I have is great potential in a rookie wide receiver. I would have paid a little more for Saquon. They were so caught up in him maybe wanting Jonathan Taylor numbers. Ok? Saquon Barkley can be Christian McCaffrey, in my opinion. In the right offense, he can be that player."

Dan Patrick examines the state of the New York Giants after Saquon Barkley left this offseason. Dan explains why the Giants should have paid Barkley despite their large commitment to Daniel Jones, following up one mistake with another, setting the franchise up for certain failure this season.