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BONUS CONTENT - Rob Parker and Doug Gottlieb hosting the Dan Patrick Show

 Doug Gottlieb and The Odd Couple's Rob Parker fill-in for Dan and the Danettes on the Dan Patrick Show! Doug and Rob debate whether or not the Russell Westbrook-Chris Paul blockbuster turned the Houston Rockets into legitimate title contenders, if Oklahoma City Thunder fans should boycott the season after they traded Westbrook and Paul George in the same off-season, if Westbrook and Harden can co-exist in the same back court, and more! Plus, the guys share their thoughts on Melvin Gordon's leverage play against the Los Angeles Chargers, and explain why Dak Prescott deserves to get as much money as possible... just don't expect them to be the ones who gives it to him. And, appearances by NBA champion Dahntay Jones, Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Vince Goodwill, and former NFL scout and '3 & Out' podcast host John Middlekauff 

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