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Who Deserves The Blame In Dallas?

Dan Beyer and Bucky Brooks, in for Doug Gottlieb, discuss the Chicago Bears woes this season and wonder who is to blame more for the teams issues. The guys discuss the struggles of the Dallas Cowboys and Dan explains why Jerry Jones, not Jason Garrett is the problem with the team, while Bucky feels that Jerry Jones is giving Garrett every opportunity. The guys discuss the whether or not Jon Gruden has been successful during his time Oakland and if it will equal a resurgence of older coaches. Dan and Bucky think that the Ravens game being showcased on Monday Night Football let people see why Lamar Jackson is the front runner for MVP. The guys discuss how Rams coach Sean McVay hasn’t evolved and it is the reason the rest of the league has caught up with the Rams. Dan and Bucky run through the teams left contending for a playoff spot and tell you who is done and who isn’t. Plus, a special edition of confessions of an NFL player with Bucky Brooks.

Guests include Chicago Bears wide receiver Anthony Miller, Chris Gordy and Bernie Fratto.

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