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06/22/2021 - Best of The Doug Gottlieb Show

Doug Gottlieb shares his hypothesis on who Tom Brady was talking about in his controversial comments on HBO’s ‘The Shop’. PGA Golfer Matthew Wolff stops by to open up about his recent absence from his sport and why taking time to focus on himself changed his life in more ways than one. Doug says that fans and media are too result-oriented when analyzing a player’s legacy. Instead, look at the process that a player went through and you’ll find a more accurate depiction of his success. The Athletic’s Mike Sando joins the show to share the latest on Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Packers and the reason that Carl Nassib coming out is a big deal. Plus, FS1 NBA Analyst Ric Bucher about the Sixers’ plan moving forward and why the Clippers are being so quiet about Kawhi’s injury. 

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