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On the Wednesday edition of The Best of the Doug Gottlieb Show: Doug says that the athletes who have chosen to not get the vaccine have not taken into account some of the lingering aspects of the disease after they had it. It was speculated that Aaron Rodgers had Covid toe, which is a real side affect of Covid, but Rodgers explained during his media availability that he actually has a fractured toe and not Covid toe.

Doug tells you the five teams you need to bet on this holiday weekend in the NFL and college football. NFL Analyst for NFL Network Danial Jeremiah joins Doug for his weekly hit. DJ gives his thoughts on the Giants' offense and Daniel Jones, the crazy Chargers win, and the other main NFL headlines heading into week 12 of the season.

Doug has a scenario in mind that will completely mess up the college football playoff system and he is admittedly rooting for it, he explains why. Doug also gets into what sides are best at Thanksgiving and what he will be having in his feast this year.

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