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On the Monday edition of The Best Of The Doug Gottlieb Show, Doug thinks that mid-week games should be a thing moving forward for the NFL during this part of the year. He says it makes sense given the waning interest in the college bowl games and the fact that the NFL is always looking for different ways to generate revenue.

Doug thinks the loss by the Bucs Sunday night to the Saints looked bad in that they got shut out at home, but he also points out that the Bucs are in first place as predicted and that the NFL divisions are generally lining up the way most people predicted they would coming into the season.

Regarding this week's controversy involving the Ravens' and head coach John Harbaugh's decision to go for a 2-pt conversion at the end of regulation instead of kick the extra point for the tie, Doug does not agree with Harbaugh's decision this time. Former pro-bowl safety Donte Whitner joins Doug to give his thoughts on the 49ers' surge over the second half of the season, Jimmy Garoppolo's role in their success, and to hit on over major topics coming out of week 15 of the NFL.

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