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On the Tuesday edition of the Best of the Doug Gottlieb Show: NBA Superstars Ben Simmons and James Harden were traded for each other last week, and on Tuesday spoke to the media for the first time with their respective new teams. Doug talks about how each of them wanted out and why.

Regarding the storyline about Sean McVay's future as a head coach with the Rams, Doug says the money paid to broadcasters makes leaving for a stint very attractive. Responding to NFL star Richard Sherman's opinion that Matthew Stafford is not a Hall-of-Famer, Doug agrees and explains why Stafford should not be fitted for a yellow jacket just yet. NBC NFL Analyst Chris Simms joins Doug to talk about the main headlines coming out of the Super Bowl, whether or not Matt Stafford is a Hall-of-Famer, the Kyler Murray situation, and how things will go with Carson Wentz in Indianapolis.

Given the report that the Colts are moving on from Carson Wentz, Doug talks about how fascinating the Carson Wentz story has been since he got drafted. Doug thinks that most of the issues Wentz has had in recent years stems from a big confidence problem.

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