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On the Thursday edition of The Best Of The Doug Gottlieb Show:  Doug predicts what he thinks is going to happen in game six of the NBA Finals as the Warriors go into Boston trying to close out the Celtics.  Doug takes issue with Celtics head coach Ime Udoka saying he thinks the team will go more with small ball in game six. 

The Golden State Warriors have been getting some heat lately for having overspent for their current roster.  Doug doesn't understand the criticism, thinks the Warriors have played within the rules of the CBA and anyone who feels differently are just jealous. 

Pat Mahomes was asked about Tyreek Hill's comments on his podcast about Tua Taglovailoa being a more accurate passer and that the Chiefs didn't give him enough respect as a playmaker.  Former Packers executive Andrew Brandt joins Doug to talk about the Deshaun Watson situation, what the Ravens will do with Lamar Jackson, and other major NFL business headlines this week.

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