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Cooper Kupp Breaks Down the Game Winning Drive in Super Bowl LVI

Doug Gottlieb: "Everyone in the stadium and everyone in the world knew that the ball was going to you for the winning touchdown in Super Bowl LVI, can you break down the play for us? People love your breakdowns."
Cooper Kupp: "We started with an easy completion to get things moving. We kept them in zone and matriculate the ball down the field. Everyone knows the play, Matthew Stafford did a great job manipulating the coverage with the no look pass as we were getting passed midfield and then the big chunk play to me."
Doug Gottlieb: "What was that play called?"
Cooper Kupp: "I can't tell you the play's name hahahah, but I do know what the play was."

At Rams Training Camp, Cooper Kupp joined The Doug Gottlieb show to talk about Super Bowl LVI, the upcoming season and how his life has changed as a champion.