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Take the Under on the Buccaneers Win Total

Photo: Julio Aguilar

Doug Gottlieb sees the signs and is predicting the Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers will underperform this season. While many have high expectations for what is widely considered to be Brady’s last season, Doug reminds us that it’s harder than it looks to go out on top. Add that to the fact that Brady, who almost never missed any of camp or OTA’s in his career, is taking most of two weeks off as the rest of the league is preparing for the season, and it’s a recipe for disappointment. His dedication to this season is in question and that’s enough for Doug to jump off the bandwagon.

Doug Gottlieb: “This is a stock I feel like shorting. I feel like the signs are there... (Tom) Brady, a guy who; he never missed a day of camp. He didn’t miss OTA’s in New England until his last year... Now he’s taking a couple weeks off before the season... Nothing came between him and football, and now something’s come between him and football.”