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MLB's Justin Bieber: Bryce Harper Can't Win

Bryce Harper

Mike Trout may be the best player in baseball and the poster boy MLB execs want, but unfortunately for them, Bryce Harper is the face of the Major League Baseball.  On Monday night, Bryce Harper took a 98mph fastball to the hip from Giants' pitcher, Hunter Strickland, leading to fisticuffs between the two. Both players landed a punch, and were ultimately tossed from the game.  

Some say this is a bad look for the MLB, but with the NBA & NHL Finals starting this week, baseball should be happy they are a relevant story line. Harper has risen to the top of baseball through his play and bravado, and is rumored to become baseball's highest paid player.

With all of this greatness, Jason Smith & Michael Harmon say Harper is no better than Justin Bieber: a star full of talent that just seems to rub people the wrong way.  Tonight was just another bullet point to add to Harper's polarization, and the guys believe he is placing himself on an island within the MLB.  You can listen to their full discussion below. 

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