Why We May Have Seen Cam Newton Play His Final Down in the NFL

Cam Newton's Career as a Starting Quarterback is Over
Jason Smith: “We have seen the last of Cam Newton as a starting quarterback. He showed that he’s not a starting quarterback anymore. Running the football he still did well, but throwing the football he struggled and he wasn’t the same guy. You can say that he had been away, and he finally stayed healthy for a whole season, but no one is going to go into next season saying ‘Cam is our guy.’ He didn’t show enough to be someone’s starting quarterback next season. Cam has been a guy who has made a lot of money, and who is a big star who is not going to sit around and hang out as a backup. When starting quarterbacks have great careers and they’re done, they’re not backups anymore. Can I see Cam doing one year as a backup somewhere hoping he can get another chance to start? Yeah, but I don’t see Cam’s NFL career going more than one year. If he sits on a bench next year, he’s going to say ‘I’m DONE, I made my money, I’m ready for what next.’ Starting quarterbacks play until they can’t do it, and then they retire. They don’t become backups... The end is near for Cam whether it’s one year as a backup, or he hangs it up after this year if he doesn’t like what’s out there for him.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he believes we may have seen the last of 31-year-old Cam Newton in the NFL, as Jason believes that Cam will once again be the last one standing in a game of quarterback musical chairs this offseason, and may just hang it up altogether, refusing to degrade his larger than life brand as a backup QB.

Newton concluded a 7-9 2020 season in New England with the 30th ranked QBR and was dead last in passing yards per game. In 9 of Newton’s 15 starts he failed to even throw one touchdown. The Patriots went 12-4 the previous season, and Tom Brady had a 24/8 touchdown-to-interception ratio compared to Newton's 8 TD's and 10 INTs.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why he doesn’t think Newton could ever be a starting quarterback again, and why history tells us that former greats all retire when their time as a STARTER has reached its conclusion.

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