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The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

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The Pressure on Dak Prescott is at an All-Time High

Photo: Mitchell Leff

Jason Smith: “If you think anything has changed after the Cowboys blowout win, you are sorely mistaken. Do you believe me now about the pressure on Dak Prescott this year? The Cowboys blew out the Giants 40-0 where the defense played incredibly well and the offense moved the ball and special teams was great but the media still said Dak didn’t have to do anything because the defense carried him.”

Jason Smith: “The desire to hate Dak from the media, from the fans or other players around the league because they are jealous of the attention he gets, because he does get too much attention, is immense and it’s only growing with as well as the Cowboys play. Unless the Cowboys win the SuperBowl, it’s going to be a failed year for Dak Prescott.”

On the latest episode of The Jason Smith Show, Jason Smith and Mike Harmon explain why Dak Prescott’s ability to win is now the main story-line of the NFL season. Listen to the full segment above!