Antonio Brown Deserves a Second Chance in the NFL

Chris Broussard: “I would love to see Antonio Brown back in the NFL. Not because he’s a great player, but people deserve second chances… There’s really not much you can do to NOT have a second chance in the NFL. You have to basically commit a premeditated murder to not get a chance if you can play.”
Rob Parker: “The NFL is FILLED with second chances, and he hasn’t even been as bad as some other guys. To this point, the man is innocent till proven guilty. Other guys have had felonies, beat up women and children, drunk driving, vehicular homicide, and all sorts of other stuff. Teams have bent over backwards for a lot of people to be able to play football.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard explain why they think disgraced former All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown deserves another chance in the NFL, as the unstable personality continues to dig himself into a deeper hole seemingly every passing week.

Brown has frequently used his social media accounts to torpedo opportunities to play in the NFL again, and it was reported that Brown had even hired a PR firm at one point while he was on the Raiders to brainstorm ways he could use his Twitter to literally get himself kicked off the team –– which he would later succeed in.

On Thursday, Brown tweeted ‘F**k the NFL’ in another rambling tweet that alluded to the league’s ongoing investigation in Brown’s involvement in two non-criminal sexual misconduct allegations, the latter accusation being the reason Brown was cut by the New England Patriots.

Check out the audio below as Chris and Rob detail why there are players in the NFL who have already been accused of even more heinous crimes than Brown, but yet still got second chances in the NFL. They also detail that if Brown is cleared of these allegations he should most certainly deserve HIS second chance.

Antonio Brown Deserves a Second Chance in the NFL