LeBron James is the NBA's Best Stat-Padder, Not the NBA's Best Player

Rob Parker: “Lakers fans will rue the day to see LeBron exerting himself in the first two weeks of the season. WHY LEBRON?? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? He’s in year 17 and this will come back to bite the Lakers when LeBron is hobbled, tired, sick, and old. What is he trying to prove? It’s supposed to be about the playoffs. This isn't about winning or beating the Bulls, this is about SELF-GRATIFICATION. This is why there are so many people out there who can’t stand LeBron.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker blast LeBron James for his ‘revenge tour’ that now has LeBron taking to twitter to pat himself on the back for gaudy statistics versus the lowly Chicago Bulls.

LeBron recently re-quoted a tweet from the Los Angeles Lakers official Twitter account saying LeBron had become the first Laker since 1987 to record three straight triple-doubles. LeBron used the hashtags ‘#WashedKing’ alluding to a trendy media narrative earlier in the season that hinted at LeBron possibly being past his prime, as he now acts as the team’s full-time point guard.

Rob says this is just another reason why LeBron is one of the most polarizing players in sports, considering he’s taking joy in ‘sticking it’ to his doubters when all he did was play elite basketball against one of the worst teams in the league, and just two weeks into the season no less.

Check out the rant below as Rob says maybe LeBron should be tweeting this in the playoffs and not early November.

Lebron James is the NBA's Best Stat-Padder, Not the NBA's Best Player