Rob Parker: Broncos Need to Fire 'Horrendous Disaster' John Elway

Rob Parker: “FIRE JOHN ELWAY. They stripped him of final say, they didn’t ‘promote’ him! They gave him a cushy job because he won two Super Bowls, he brought in Peyton Manning, and they reached two Super Bowls with that great defense. He has been HORRENDOUS.”

Chris Broussard: “You just said ‘he brought in Peyton Manning and won a Super Bowl?’"

Parker: “You wanna look at all the quarterbacks that they’ve drafted and all the mistakes that he’s made?? That’s why they’re taking away his final say. Once they take your power or neuter you, you’re no good. John Elway is just trying to save face because he’s ‘the guy’ in Denver, and they don’t want to make it sound bad. I was in Detroit when the Tigers had to fire Alan Trammell, great players get fired all the time. Just accept it, he’s been a DISASTER.”

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Denver need to just outright rid themselves of former Broncos legend John Elway, who had been acting as the team’s GM since 2011.

The Broncos reached two Super Bowls under Elway’s reign, winning Super Bowl 50 after bringing in Peyton Manning as one of the greatest free agent signings in sports history, but since Manning has retired, failure quarterback heir apparents the likes of Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler, Case Keenum, Joe Flacco, Brandon Allen, and now Drew Lock have made Elway seem completely incompetent when it comes to finding QB talent.

Check out the video above as Rob details why the Broncos need to stop trying to save face with the two-time Super Bowl champion, and just rip the band-aid off ‘horrendous disaster’ Elway, who actually was ceremoniously ‘promoted’ to President of Football Operations after giving up his GM duties.

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