Chris Broussard: "The Dallas Cowboys are Legit Super Bowl Contenders"

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Chris Broussard: "Coming in to the season, I thought they could get a win in the playoffs, but not really challenge to go to the Super Bowl. But I'm upgrading the Dallas Cowboys. Now they have a legitimate shot to reach the Super Bowl. They've got the run game. They've got the passing game. I told you Week 1, Dak is elite, and he's been elite this season."
Rob Parker: "I'm not convinced yet, based on the talent that they've played. I'll wait. You can go ahead and put your foot all the way in the water, I'll just put my big toe in. It's cold as hell, and I'm not having it yet. This is what people do with the Cowboys. In that crowded NFC, I'm not buying the Cowboys at this point."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the Cowboys beating the Patriots and debate the Cowboys' position in the NFC. Chris is now fully convinced that the Cowboys are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, being driven by Dak Prescott's elite performance so far. However, Rob isn't ready to crown Dallas just yet, claiming that much of the numbers they've put up so far have been empty stats.