Qadry Ismail: "Receivers are Wishing they Signed in Baltimore"

Photo: Patrick Smith

Qadry Ismail: "442 yards of passing offense against the Colts. You go out to Denver, another 300 yards of passing offense. You go out to Detroit, he probably would have had another 300 yards if Hollywood Brown had been able to haul in some of those easy catches that he had. That being said, that just goes to show you that all the wide receiver free agents of the last couple years, they made a critical error in judgement, and whoever their agent is should be replaced. I would have jumped at the opportunity to sign in Baltimore. All of those guys, I think they made a bad mistake."

Former NFL WR Qadry Ismail joins The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker! Ismail discusses the talent of the Baltimore Ravens and explains why the recent free agent classes of wide receivers should be heavily regretting the fact that they didn't sign in Baltimore.