Raiders Coach Jon Gruden Discusses the Khalil Mack Holdout

Oakland Raiders HC Jon Gruden joins JT The Brick and Tomm Looney Live from Raiders Training Camp! He discusses his expectations for his players heading into training camp and also his relationship with franchise quarterback Derek Carr. Coach Gruden also discusses how he wants Carr to develop his game under him. Also, Coach Gruden discusses the ongoing contract dispute with star LB Khalil Mack & if they expect him to be in camp in the near future saying:

"I did speak with him when I got the job. When I first got hired, I spoke with him. He’s been a hard guy to get in contact with lately…for obvious reasons. This is a great football player, not only that he’s a great guy. And everybody on our team respects him and loves him. We hope to get him here soon. I think Reggie McKenzie is the guy you should talk to. He’s the man talking to Joel Segal the agent and we’ll just cross our fingers. In the meantime, we brought in Arden Key in the 3rdround to make a difference. Let’s go! And Bruce Irvin’s back at his natural position…Faldol Brown, some of these newcomers have got to take the ball and run with it until Khalil gets here. We hope it’s soon."

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