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New England Should Dump Brady After This Season

“Barring Tom Brady winning a Super Bowl this year, the New England Patriots should cut bait with Tom Brady; cut him, trade him, let him do whatever he wants to do and move away from Tom Brady.”

Despite Tom Brady just 6 months removed from one of the greatest fourth quarter performances in NFL history, FS1 and Fox Sports Radio studio analyst Rob Parker says it’s time we wake up from this dream of Brady divinity and realize he’s an elderly statesman whose mortality is staring him right down the barrel.

Despite Brady widely being considered one of the top two or three greatest quarterbacks ever, don’t forget that we’ve already had the same exact conversations about Joe Montana in the mid-90’s, and Brett Favre in the late-00’s when their legendary tenures with their beloved franchises underwent the incredibly emotionally exhausting, yet calculated, decisions to remove them at the twilights of their careers.

And with Jimmy Garoppolo, one of the most intriguing assets in the league, waiting in the wings, you’ve got your next Steve Young or Aaron Rodgers ready to grab the baton.

New England Should Dump Brady After This Season