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Newsworthy Backup - Why You Wouldn't Sign Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is obviously in the news every day for a reason. He is making a statement, responding to a statement, posting memes on social media, quoting some deep philosopher... the list goes on. It's something new every day. It's exhausting. We cover it because that's how this whole thing works.

To put it simply, Kaepernick makes news.

Colin Cowherd explained today on The Herd why newsworthy is a good thing at times, and in certain professions, it can even be a sign of you doing your job incredibly well. Unfortunately for Colin Kaepernick, the position of backup quarterback (which he really is looking at.... because what team doesn't have a starter at this point) is one where 'newsworthy' is very bad. Listen here:

Newsworthy Backup