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The Greatest Animal Thunderdome Ever

Every so often on Outkick the Coverage there is a story that gets tagged to one of the show's personalities on Twitter that creates a segment known only as ANIMAL THUNDERDOME. I wish I didn't have to always type it in capitalizations, but Clay specifically instructed that I have to emphasize ANIMAL THUNDERDOME anytime ANIMAL THUNDERDOME is mentioned. 

Enough, to the reason you clicked on that disgusting image above and chose to put your ears through the insanity that is to follow. Let me set the scene:

It was a July afternoon just like any other, in the great state of Ohio, in some random woman's front yard. She was casually playing with several of her 11 snakes, when suddenly the unthinkable occurred. 

Listen below, SUBSCRIBE to Outkick, and don't freaking own killer snakes as pets.

Animal Thunderdome BOA