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Add Kevin Durant to the 'Mount Cry-More' of Sports

Every day there seems to be a new story of Kevin Durant publicly responding to a new Twitter troll via corny comeback or lame jab, this time exchanging awkwardly pointless barbs with Skip Bayless this week, and dropping the tiresome 'I play sports and you don't' line' to his fleet of loyal fanboys who will RT anything he says short of 'I Love ISIS'. 

Even though we would normally tell an athlete to get off Twitter, Colin Cowherd says if there's anyone who has the most free time who would be clinging to Twitter for sheer boredom, it's athletes. 

Normal people aside from being at the office all day, go to the DMV, get their oil checked, prepare meals, or buy groceries during the day; Professional athletes pay people to do that for them and enjoy the boredom in its place, aimlessly scrolling their social media instead.  

When it comes to acknowledging crude criticism, Kevin Durant has always been known to have thin skin, but Colin Cowherd thinks he may have just joined the elite fraternity atop ‘Mount Cry-More’.