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Jack Del Rio could be a Raiders Legend

Jack Del Rio is really close to cementing his place in Raiders legacy folklore, and some might not realize how close this man is to becoming a legend in the franchise. When you think of Del Rio, you might not immediately consider him one of the all-time greats. That is no fault of yours, as Jack goes about his business in a very behind-the-scenes way, constructing a roster that is ready to compete for a Super Bowl every year. Had Carr not gotten injured last year, they could have made a serious run. This year, they have just as good of a chance, if not better.

JT The Brick has seen all the Raiders coaches and understands the value of their impact on the team's success. That is why he believes with a Super Bowl in the next two years, Jack Del Rio will put his name alongside some of the best in the team's history. Listen here:

Jack Del Rio