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Two Things in the NFL - Major Surprise to JT The Brick

In the course of a person's lifetime, things change that you could not have possibly seen coming. For some, they would have never suspected that the President of the United States would be a former reality star. For others, they might be shocked to find that an Olympic Gold Medal winning athlete has become a female. Things come and trends occur that you can't possibly see coming, which is a difficult reality to face later on in one's life after things have been seemingly set in stone as the way they are supposed to be.

JT The Brick is going through that right now with the NFL, and it's adaptation to the changing way our world works. GAMBLING and WEED are looking like they will be allowed in the league before long, and it's got some shocked. Here is JT explaining how he is taking this news, accompanied by the always lovely Tomm Looney. Take a listen:

JT and the NFL Two Things