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What More Can You Say about Colin Kaepernick?

  1. Should Pete Rose get into the Hall of Fame?
  2. Who is better, LeBron James or Michael Jordan?
  3. What do you think about Colin Kaepernick?

Those three questions have all been asked today, to you, for a specific reason. Regardless of your answer, and you might have guessed it from the graphic above, there really isn't anything you are going to hear on National Sports Talk Radio that will change your mind about how you feel.

So why harp on it?

Clay Travis discusses how his wife shed some light on the reasons why we shouldn't be talking about Colin Kaepernick. If you disagree, you will listen and get mad. If you agree, you will be like "yeah awesome work Clay woohoo DBAP!" Either way, no one changes their mind and we just wasted some time. Listen below to hear why Kaepernick is like the other three questions, audio directly from Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis:

Kaepernick (Non)Discussion