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Why Cowherd Has Not Talked Kaepernick like Others

In a business that thrives on controversy and polarization, Colin Cowherd is purposely punting on a particular topic that has shown great quantifiable success for many of his co-workers. Where Shannon Sharpe and Jason Whitlock have found their biggest success on a topic the general public has, at times, wanted to hear more and more about (admit it, you did for a time) Colin chose to take a backseat. 

He suffered for it, his show was slammed on those 'big Kaepernick days' of last summer and already this offseason. So he wanted to peel the curtain back for you a little and reveal what he thinks about Kaepernick the radio topic and not Kaepernick the quarterback

If you find that kind of stuff interesting, check out The Herd podcast. Listen here for the Kaepernick topic today on The Herd:

Colin talking Kaepernick