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Data Does Not Support Charlie Weiss' Claims

Earlier this week, Charlie Weiss was commenting on the struggles he had as a head coach at Notre Dame, and defended the job Brian Kelly is doing for the Fighting Irish by bringing up one of the oldest lies told in College Football.

He listed 'difficult academic standards' as one of the reasons why Notre Dame isn't able to recruit the same high-profile athletes that schools like USC and Florida State can, and it really agitated Joel Klatt.

Klatt, who is versed in this field and knows the inside-and-out of college football and the recruiting process, took aim at Weiss for making this uneducated statement.

"This sounds like a lot of excuses from a guy that underachieved as a head coach at a lot of different places. I don't buy it at all, not at all."

Klatt went on to add this:

"Listen, Charlie, academics can not be an excuse. It is not an excuse. Don't use it. You can whine and cry all you want about academic standards, but the data doesn't back you up."

You can hear the full interview from The Herd today in the audio below:

Joel Klatt