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Colin Kaepernick Fans Are Not Being Honest

“C’mon Kaepernick fans, you got to be honest about it. When you’re seeking a job and you’re doing things that could be seen as hostile or offensive to an owner, owners have a right to be angry.”

Colin Cowherd was brutally honest to the Colin Kaepernick mob that has saturated the sport with daily discord concerning the unemployed QB’s stature.

Cowherd says the Kaepernick fans are using their hearts and not their heads when it comes to Kaepernick’s real value in football pads, especially after interest from two possible destinations, Miami and Baltimore, never advanced like it was once erroneously thought. 

“The Kaepernick fanbase is just not being honest,” he said. “He’s a runner over a thrower, he was never a great progression reading quarterback, the Castro t-shirt did him no favors in Miami, and you haven’t even put that in your article. You want to know why the media trust factor with the public is in the toilet? Because if you’re not putting that Castro shirt in your article, you’re being intellectually dishonest.”

Colin Kaepernick Fans Are Not Being Honest