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Little League Softball Team Suspended for Middle Fingers

A Little League Softball team was suspended, and subsequently kicked out of the Little League World Series, for posting a bunch of middle fingers on snapchat directed at the team they had just beaten. 

Now, there is a LOT to digest in this story, and Steve Gorman brings it to you below, but first, we need to preface the audio by explaining some of the ethical questions at play. 

How far does teaching a lesson go?

Should the players have been simply forced to apologize and delete the post? Does suspending the team for the entire tournament and cancelling the season for other members of the team not pictured send the right message?

What does social media mean to people?

Is this seriously going to be the reason you tell these girls they can't compete? They are 12 and 13-year-old girls on snapchat, not making public announcements. 

All of this and more is explained in the audio below by Steve Gorman Sports:

Little League Softball