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Colin Kaepernick Has Reportedly Turned Down Offers to Serve as Backup

For context as to what we are about to talk about, Christian Datoc published this article on The Daily Caller this week and saw an unusually low response to the news that Colin Kaepernick has actually turned DOWN at least 1 contract to be a backup QB in the NFL next season. 

Here is that headline:

Now, before we get all tinfoil-hat on you guys, and before the audience starts chirping 'WE DON'T CARE' or 'WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU' take a look at this poll from Clay Travis and the results:

Now that we've proved that this is a legitimate conversation, one suited quite well for the speculative nature of sports talk radio, we wanted to explain to you who we think offered Kaepernick that contract.

Clay believes it was the Seattle Seahawks.

Take a listen to the audio below. Pete Carroll was oddly vague and wasn't making a lot of sense when he announced why the Seahawks would not be pursuing Kaepernick any longer, and the markers are all there pointing to the Seattle franchise offering a contract that Kaepernick turned down.

Clay on Seahawks
Christian Datoc on Kap Turning Down Offers