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Floyd Mayweather is Already Doing Damage Control

Floyd Mayweather conducted an exclusive interview with Stephen A. Smith this week, and it was one of the more absurd things he has done in his entire career.

It came one day after Conor McGregor was blasted by his sparring partner on social media, it came during a week where ticket sales were hilariously low, and it came at a time when the public was beginning to turn against the fight they supposedly wanted to see.

Here are the two major points that Floyd wanted to get across, you tell us if they seem suspiciously designed to drive a new narrative:

  • He is OLD and has lost a step, Conor is the favorite
  • He owes the public for the Pacquiao fight, and promises not to fight defensively

Colin Cowherd says Damage Control has already begun. Listen here:

Mayweather doing Damage Control