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It's Better for Kaepernick to NOT Get Signed

Think about music for a second.

If you discovered an artist and really appreciated the rawness, the authenticity, and the fact that they played WHAT THEY WANTED, whenever they wanted, you would come to love that artist. Maybe they only have a following of a few hundred people, but it resonates with you.

Now, picture that artist isn't getting record deals, not producing new music, and losing relevance because of the fact that their message only rings true to a few. They then change a little bit, succumbing to the wishes of those who hand out the paychecks and give up some of what they believe in to make money. 

This situation is close to what Colin Kaepernick is going through right now, and Clay Travis actually thinks it's better for Colin Kaepernick and his brand to NOT get signed in the NFL this season. Listen below to find out why:

Better Off Not Getting Signed