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Fred Segal of Old Takes Exposed joins Outkick the Coverage

Sometimes you stumble across a Twitter account that makes you chuckle and slap a follow. For those who are into music, there are accounts that post fake captions on photos of Kanye West eating ice cream (he eats a lot of ice cream) and ones dedicated entirely to Katy Perry's Super Bowl shark. For those into food, you can find plenty of satirical accounts that show average and bland food with 😱🔥🚨💯 captions. 

For sports fans, and particularly those who dedicate a lot of their time to listening to personalities explain the news, Old Takes Exposed is the account you have to follow.

Posting archived takes that eventually turn out to be incorrect at the exact moment they prove false is something that others have done for a while. Most notable Demarcus Cousins calling out Clay Travis back in the day, to be exact. Fred Segal, the man behind Old Takes Exposed, does it better than anyone else. His memory has no limit.

Fred joined Clay Travis today on Outkick the Coverage to discuss the process behind what he does, talk about the purpose of the operation, and just overall break down some sports topics that are of interest to someone in his profession. Take a listen to the audio below, and SUBSCRIBE to Outkick the Coverage here.

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