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It's Easy to Feel Sorry for Brock Osweiler

“It’s like Brock Osweiler’s entire career is a punchline. Is there a single person out there than Brock Osweiler that feels like his career is not over?”

Clay Travis is starting to feel sorry for Brock Osweiler hours after his predictably putrid preseason performance Thursday night against New Orleans after he went just 6/14 for 42 yards in his Browns debut.

Sure, it’s hard to feel too bad for a guy who signed a deal in March of 2016 with Houston for $37 million guaranteed, after a ’16 season in which he finished second to last in the league in passer rating while throwing more INTs than TDs, but the contract is now universally considered one of the worst in sports history.

Being traded from a Super Bowl caliber Texans roster to football purgatory in Cleveland seemed to be the icing on the cake of Osweiler’s eroding career, which Travis says has turned the former budding franchise QB into one of the most ridiculed players in league history.

“Everyone’s just waiting to make fun of Brock Oswieler for everything that he does,” Travis said. "There’s not a single person on earth that is a Brock Osweiler fan. I don’t know what the number is for Cleveland Browns jerseys that are selling, but I bet it’s like three – His mom, his girlfriend, and his brother.”

It's Easy to Feel Sorry for Brock Osweiler