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Patriots Fan from Goodell Picture says NFL PR Set Him Up


Last night, the above picture made the rounds on social media with the message stating that Roger Goodell was 'making peace' with the New England Patriots fans. The NFL used this picture in a tweet trying to show that the fans were welcoming Roger, and that a Super Bowl seemingly solves all problems.

Well, a twist to the story is certainly here courtesy of WEEI and Ordway, Merloni, and Faurai. Shout out to their guest booker, who brought on Josh Bisson, one of the men pictured above. Josh told his story about how he felt completely used by the NFL, and duped into taking a picture like the one above.

"We were just walking down the ramp, doing our thing. Some people from the NFL were walking on the ramp as well, and there was no one on the ramp but us. Some guy asked us how we were, we had just sports talk sort of stuff. We were a couple beers deep at this point, and we realized one of the guys with them was Roger Goodell."

This situation came up last night during the NFL Preseason game at Gillette Stadium. He goes on.

"He kinda caught us off guard, in a situation like. So we talked for like, maybe ten seconds, and then the guy who originally approached us asked if we would get in a picture. We said sure."

"We got a quick picture not knowing what they would do with it, and all of a sudden it's getting tweeted out. It was tweeted to the world from the NFL within 30 seconds."

The WEEI Hosts then went on to ask if Josh felt 'used' for being approached that way.

"I'm so upset with it, because I really don't care for (Goodell). I'm upset, because if most people were in the situation they would say yea."

The final question:

"Do you feel used?"