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Nothing Lasts Forever in Sports - SEC No Longer Best

Nothing lasts forever in sports. 

That is not only true with individuals and teams, like LeBron James and his array of superteams, it also rings true with conferences and divisions who dominate. The SEC is the latest case of that proving to be true, and Las Vegas is now in agreement with what Colin Cowherd has been saying.

"It's no longer about the media, Vegas no longer sees you as the best conference."

But why? With talented players still occupying every roster spot in the southern-most conference of football, and with more professional players coming from there as opposed to anywhere else, how could the conference be so down?

"The SEC is the worst coached major conference."

Colin Cowherd explains in the audio below how the SEC has managed to lose its stranglehold on the 'best conference in sports' title, listen right here:

SEC is Dead