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Voicing Individual Opinion is Not Wrong, but Resented

"The richer the neighborhood, the less people know their neighbors."

Players and coaches in sports are earning more now than they ever have. From the astronomical contracts like the ones Michael Conley and Stephen Curry just signed, to the NFL money-makers like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, players are able to become wealthy, independent, and let their voices be heard. 

And we resent them for it.

"What pro athletes are doing, and we resent it, is the very thing we are all seeking. Independence to be heard."

The fact that we all seek the very thing professional athletes in this country have now acquired is NO REASON to bestow hate or slander on them for speaking up for what they believe in. Players like Michael Bennett have the ability to speak, because they have become independently wealthy in America. Just because we sit at home and evaluate does not give us the right to hate. 

Colin Cowherd explained all of this in the audio below. Follow him if you don't already.

Players Wanting to be Heard