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Clay Travis Explains Why He Turned Down TV Offer(s)

Clay Travis joined Fox Sports Radio around one year ago. His unique perspective and willingness to create conversation by discussing what he wants to discuss at all times that has added a 'wildcard' wrinkle to the network we have put together here. From Dan Patrick to Rich Eisen to Colin Cowherd and all the way into the late nights, we feel the sole function of sports talk radio is to create discourse and generate conversation that will intrigue you, entertain you, and provide you with SPORTS when you crave it. None of this regurgitating politically correct takes, refusing to go on a limb, or turning ourselves into a vanilla pudding version of what this industry should be. We don't want that and neither should you.

We have Clay on our network. Clay also almost had a television show, but wanted to remain unhinged and without filter. He wanted to provide YOU, his core audience, with the ability to LISTEN to the REAL Clay Travis every day. From Game of Thrones to Animal Thunderdome, he will tell you what he thinks, and discuss what he thinks about. 

Part of the charm of creating your own content is that you don't have to listen to anybody. You don't have to pull blogs or tweets down. No big offices in New York with executive meetings about firing employees over controversial opinions. It's just Clay bringing you Clay. No BS.

This audio below is a 'monologue' of sorts from this morning on Outkick the Coverage, a show we proudly want you to subscribe to here. Letting Clay be Clay, and bringing his audience the truest and most original version of Outkick as possible, is what we want to let Clay do here at Fox Sports Radio.

Take a listen, and think about what you really want from your content. 

Why Clay Turned Down TV