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LeBron James and Dan Gilbert - Political Differences

Whichever side you are on politically, and however you feel about the current job our President of the United States is doing, you feel very strongly about that side. All across America, there are friendships, relationships, and even family bonds that are being broken irreparably by this political climate. 

"There are debates and then there are divides. This is a divide."

Now, apply the same logic that has been impacting American people for the past few months (years, maybe, time gets lost) regarding political divide and apply it to one of the biggest question marks in sports right now. Why is LeBron James seemingly so desperate to get out of his hometown of Cleveland?

Well, if you remember, LeBron James was a big Hillary Clinton supporter. He appeared (pictured above) at one of her rallies, he has been tweeting anti-Trump messages for a while now, and basically isn't going to be convinced otherwise. 

Dan Gilbert donated $750,000 to Donald Trump. LeBron James makes money for Dan Gilbert.

Doug Gottlieb broke all of this down yesterday, connect the dots on this one:

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