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Roger Goodell is Using Ezekiel Elliott

"Roger Goodell suspended Ezekiel Elliott for six games not because of what he did, but because of the larger societal trend here."

Not rushing to Zeke's defense, not justifying the alleged actions of someone who clearly needs to learn a lesson or two about being a prominent figure in the National Spotlight, and definitely not condoning domestic violence.

There, wanted to make sure you read THOSE headlines before you continue, as this is going to be a subject matter that not a lot of people will talk about.

Clay Travis doesn't think that Ezekiel Elliott would have received a 6 game suspension if not for Ray Rice and the previous (lightly sanctioned) actions like his of abuse and violence. Roger Goodell is using Elliott as a symbol against the greater societal issue of domestic violence, and it isn't right. 

Clay Travis explained in the audio below, SUBSCRIBE to Outkick the Coverage

Clay Travis on Roger Goodell