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The Dodgers are Playing with Fire

The Los Angeles Dodgers are honestly putting in one of the most impressive and incredible regular season streaks in the history of baseball. That isn't hyperbole, as this team has won 50 of their last 59 games and 30 out of 34 at home. They have walked off dozens of times and have 38 come-from-behind victories. It is insane how strong their mental fortitude and toughness is. 

That being said, you have to be worried as a fan of the team.

Coming from behind is a great way to accumulate wins and show your edge, but in the postseason those leads start to get more and more insurmountable due to the elevated bullpens and elite pitchers who can be used for random innings. The Dodgers are playing with fire.

Doug Gottlieb explained that and more in the audio below. Listen here:

Dodgers have been Amazing