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The NFL is Playing a Dangerous Game

Let's do a quick experiment...

1. Think of your favorite player. This can be a guy from your team, a guy you JUST drafted in Fantasy, just basically someone who you will be rooting for the hardest next season.

2. Now, picture a story hits twitter that your favorite player is being accused of domestic violence, and that his girlfriend has gone on the record to a reporter and it's posted on the XYZ click-my-article dot com frontpage.

3. Do you think he is going to be punished?

Now, snap back to reality oops there goes gravity, I have a follow-up question for you. Did you immediately think about Roger Goodell doing the punishing? Or did you think of the criminal justice system? 

If you thought of the justice system, you deserve a treat. That's how you are supposed to think in America, when it comes to injustices and how we are going to take care of them. 

If you thought of Roger Goodell, don't you see a huge problem in that? 

Clay Travis explained this morning why DETAILS ASIDE (because by no means are we condoning the actions of Ezekiel Elliott, you're smart enough to know that) this Ezekiel Elliott case is representing a major issue with the National Football League. Listen here:

Zeke Conviction