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Don’t Buy into the Political Views of Many Athletes

“If you want to get political, come on a show and demonstrate that you actually have a political basis for your knowledge. Answer a series of questions about your politics and people can judge whether or not you are a plugged-in, cognizant-of-the-world citizen.”

Even though social media has become an incredible venue when it comes to discovering the everyday nuances of our most beloved athletes, Clay Travis thinks their willing transparency also exposes how little our favorite players know about the world around them.

With their Facebooks, Instagrams, and Twitters becoming a maternity ward of quick-hitting front-page story material, Travis says we are giving these personalities way too much credit for their unbridled opinions, when in reality, their points of view are cookie-cutter clichés & trigger words devoid of any original thought, powered by misplaced potshots.

Travis says these athletes are being patted on the back for political activism when really they're just living their life 140 characters at a time.         

“Let’s not cover these guys like they’re real political actors with substantial opinions – they’re just guys going on Instagram and Twitter and being ‘twoke’. They’re ‘Twitter Woke’, they have no depth of knowledge,” Travis said of players like Kevin Durant and LeBron James, who continue to be applauded for their political stances on social media, no matter how vague and unimaginative their message is. “Most of these athletes have no foundational political beliefs.”

Even though Colin Kaepernick’s protests have always centered around the darkening relationship of minorities and law enforcement, and the everlasting cloud of oppression around society, Travis said Kaepernick doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, nor does he really know why he’s kneeling for in the first place.

 “I don’t think Colin Kaepernick could talk with me for 10 minutes and have a coherent political philosophy," he said. “The guy didn’t vote, he praised Castro, he thinks cops are modern-day slave catchers – If he talked to me for 10 minutes, even the most diehard Colin Kaepernick supporter would be like ‘man, this guy has no idea what he’s talking about’ and his support would vanish immediately. That’s why Colin Kaepernick hasn’t spoken out; I don’t think he has a coherent political philosophy.”

Don’t Buy into the Political Views of Many Athletes