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Protests Around Sports Getting Tiresome

“You may not like the President, you may think he’s a buffoon, you may think he’s incompetent, all those things might be true, but the stock market is at an all-time high, unemployment is near an all-time low – why are people so mad? In general, things have never been better for people in the country, till right now.”

The Colin Kaepernick protest of the National Anthem may have seemed landmark at the time, but now we’ve gotten to the point where wrestling fans are retroactively protesting Donald Trump’s admission into the WWE Hall of Fame, and even MLB umpires now are protesting their treatment from players and managers, citing 'escalating verbal attacks'. 

Clay Travis thinks the protests have become out of control, calling for people to simply enjoy the summer in one of the safest and most profitable eras in American history.  

“Why is everybody so angry, why don’t you just chill out, go to the beach, go to the lake, crack open a beer, kick back, football is here; can you protest the eclipse? I don’t get it,” he joked.

“How would you like to spend today? ‘Well, I was thinking I might go to the park, might take the kids to Disney World, maybe go out to the pool, maybe the lake, the beach, OR we could go make some poster boards and we can go walk around and protest something.”

Protests Around Sports Getting Tiresome