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Baldock Town FC had a Twitter Problem

Pictured above is @Liam_Kenna and we give you his twitter handle first for a reason. He plays for Baldock Town FC and operates the Twitter account from the sidelines. He ran into quite the predicament during Baldock Town's preliminary FA Cup match on Monday...

Quick rundown for those of you who are unaware of what the FA Cup is:

Picture the MLB if every single A, AA, and AAA team was owned and operated on their own and didn't belong to any 'parent clubs' like their MLB Affiliate. Now, picture, if there was a single elimination tournament with every single team, dumped into one large bracket, and every so often throughout the year, these teams played against each other on off-days of their regular league schedule. Then, it slowly progressed to one ultimate winner.

The FA Cup lets the 'minnows' make miraculous runs through the 'national media' and garner attention, money, and notoriety. Occasionally you see great sights that you might miss about the purity of sport. Vaping coaches, players who have second jobs, and now social media manager.

Baldock Town subbed on their twitter operator, the aforementioned Liam Kenna.

They won by the way.

This is the MAGIC of the FA Cup.